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Here's what is here for?

In a hurry? We summarized what we are here for in this sweet and short bullet list for you:

  • Smart tenants, and getting them smarter
  • Great deals, where parties feel really good
  • Solutions, that deliver

This makes me feel really bad! Let me see what I can do about it.
- I told the corporate client calling on me with a voice full of despair.

Yet another tenant who couldn't park in an underground garage downtown Budapest.

I was angry, really angry.
Chiefly because I couldn't get a real answer from my colleagues on how this have happened and how could we solve it.

Most of my life I was living my life as a tenant.
Back in my childhood, in Algeria or in the hyper-realistic Hungarian countryside.
Also, we have moved every 3 - 4 years.
Ever since then I kept moving.
I know from experience it's full of distress for all involved.

I was working at a large property sales turned property management company. And one thing I knew. This job will kill my professional self and make me ill.

Quiting that job was the moment when strange thoughts have started to echo in my mind:

How are deals made in this city?
How could rental housing deals be made to nurture relationships and not break them?

After all these nightmare situations.
I decided on putting together a team of international minded Hungarians who want to assist foreigners in making their home in Budapest, when it comes to real estate and administrative procedures.
We want to help tenants be smarter.
So they can make better deals, with great landlords.

We know it is hard to decide on a new home.
Yet it's a necessity.
The team will be there for you. Promised.

Welcome to the quest,

Dezso Papp

Dezso itself

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