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The logo Smart tenants. Great deals.

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101 Most Used Hungarian Words And The Best Way To Learn Them

Many clients have asked for this list in a digestible format. I have put a considerable effort in finding a comprehensive list that is in a practical format (flashcards) on the internet.

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The Top 7 New Year's Resolutions Of Hungarians

I am sure you have made or at least thought of some kind of action this year that would make you a better or at least a happier person.

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How Private Owners Will Be Paying Tax When Renting Out A Budapest Property In 2014?

Only death and taxes are certain as Benjamin Franklin is often quoted. Well in Hungary one of these are changing every year without fail. Sadly enough, it is not death. This is just one of the many special flavours to the Hungarian business goulash.

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Which Is The Best Neighborhood To Live In Budapest?

Location, location, location. Some like to quote this extensively, and if we take the concentric circles approach and assign each location to a deeper level then it translates to: Budapest, neighborhood, street.

That is probably why one of the first questions people mired in the pre-relocation mud of self-destructive second thoughts ask on any given expat forum.

48 Sources To Rent A Budapest Long-Term Property

Finding a new home is one of the most frightening tasks. Even more so on a market unknown for you or in a foreign country.

Like with many risky projects in life drawing on people you know (friends, colleagues) is natural. Yet the key to finding the right long-term rental property for rent lies in preparation.

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