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101 Most Used Hungarian Words And The Best Way To Learn Them

By Dezso Papp on February 13, 2014.

Many clients have asked for this list in a digestible format. I have put a considerable effort in finding a comprehensive list that is in a practical format (flashcards) on the internet.

The problem with the free, top 100 Hungarian words lists available - even if they have the pronunciation? They are not based on scientific ground (i.e. they do not start from a quantifiable database, but from other language books).

top used Hungarian words cloud detail

First, why learn the top 100 words. As words are the building blocks of every language. Starting with the smallest building blocks makes sense. At least if you realize how effective Tim Ferriss' method is.

There are several top lists available for most languages. I believe subtitles rule over bibliographic text databases. They are more contemporary and more basic. These translates to better usability in everyday life and helps fasten your learning, and lessen the friction.

This is the list I have used as a basis to dub my 101 top Hungarian words list from the open source Wiktionary.

The words list

Here they come in batches of 10, with the most used meaning(s) in English:

The exclusions from the list

Left out words from the wiktionary list with apt reasons:

  • essentially English or quasi-equal - oké, hé;
  • not so contemporary/used in real life situations - uram (Sir)

Next steps on your road to Hungarian wordmastery and beyond

Köszönöm / Thank you,

Dezso Papp

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