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48 Sources to Rent a Budapest Long-Term Property

By Dezso Papp on November 21, 2013.
the list is counting 50 with two expat forums added.

Finding a new home is one of the most frightening tasks. Even more so on a market unknown for you or in a foreign country.

Like with many risky projects in life drawing on people you know (friends, colleagues) is natural. Yet the key to finding the right long-term rental property for rent lies in preparation.

long term-rental property hunting in the wild

With our uncensored list of home search resources you will not need the instincts of a natural-born hunter

After I looked around to figure what's the advice nobody has written yet. When it comes to Budapest long-term property rentals. I have figured that there is not a comprehensive list of all the options you can look at when starting a search.

Not all will be useful for you, but maybe it will help you find your dream home. Via helping you get more facts to make a smarter decision. And that's what we are here for. To make you smarter. This time with answering you the question: 'How many stones shall we turn over to find a Budapest long-term rental property?'

quoteHow many stones shall we turn over to find a Budapest long-term rental property?

Here's how this list is going to save you from the trap of starting short-sighted

You will find options to jumpstart your desktop search that has a reasonable level of perceived usability. Here's what I based the sorting on:

  • ease of search - how easy it is to find candidates? do I only get relevant results? are there many duplicates - see portals? do you have an English version at least?
  • quality of results - are they relevant for an expat? are they real? (more on reality factors later)
  • measurable results - are there enough to choose from?
  • ease of making the next step - how easy it is to contact an agent/advertiser?

I have grouped the results. So, you can have an even more structured checklist for your hunt. Here are the groups for your reference. Also, it's linked up with the groups if you want to skip on.

Property management companies

Not the most convenient but quite rewarding if you have the time to browse. Note: It might not help to squeeze the rent, but at least you are talking to the landlord's representative and not an agent.

Apartments 4 U Some Buda, but also Pest side furnished apartments. Their best offering is in outer District 13.

BlueLine A student rental specialist, with a few exceptions in District 5. Most of their stock is in the popular Pest districts - 5, 6, 7 and 9.

BPS+ Hungary Stock made of 'classical' properties with some newly built. Some student apartments in the middle of District 8. District 5, 6, 7 and 9 are the main part of their portfolio.

Bradley Edwards One of the largest property managers. With plenty to look at in the popular districts and budget ranges (under €800 per month). Was a buy-to-let sales agent first.

Bright Home Beside managing one full building in District 5, their portfolio is District 6 and 9 focused. For the middle range budgets €700 - €1,500 per month.

BudapestEstate Portfolio in popular downtown areas. With a typical budget range distribution. Strong in the low and middle parts and weaker in the above €1,000 range.

Capital Real Estate No special district focus.

Casa Servicing As the name implies they focus on serving Spanish investors. Vast majority of the stock in Districts 5,6 and 7. Some properties in Buda.

Casaro Hungary Plenty to look at. Lower budget stock in the popular Pest districts - 5, 6, 7 and some in 8.

Catherine Dickens Their portfolio focuses on District 5 and 6. Higher end of the budget spectrum, consisting of large apartments they remodelled. They also manage a refurbished building in District 5. Now owned by Tower Property Group.

City Lets District 6, 7 and 13. Some in properties in outer Buda and beyond.

Danubio Homes Spanish sales agent with property management capabilities. Quite hard to get to the rental properties though.

GC Properties Varied, but limited stock both in popular districts and in Buda.

Gestim Italian managed specialist of larger scale and mixed projects. Managing two full buildings. Both in District 6.

Halcyon Some apartments in central District 2 and in District 8. Plus the usual District 5,6 and 7.

Home Management Lower budgets, stock in popular districts downtown - 6,7 and a bit of 9. Quite varied offering intertwined with third-party stock. Focused on Pest downtown.

Isaro Italian specialist of District 5.

Izabella79 One building and an attic conversion project with a total of a few dozen apartments. From 1 bedroom to 3 bedroom units in District 6.

Jacoby District 7 and 8 and is their main focus, cheaper apartments, some unfurnished.

Newly built apartments, some unfurnished.

Midas Property / fund managers on the higher end of the Pest side rental markets. Focusing on refurbishing and managing their own stock.

PaDev Higher end of budget apartments. Better part of stock in Pest but a few in Buda as well.

Pannonia Property Services Not too many for rent apartments.

QED Property Focusing on classical properties in District 6, 5 and 7.

Tower Property Group One of the big management companies - of the buy-to-let refocused property management stack. Also, incorporating 3rd party offers.

Tünde's Management Company Cheaper properties on their stock in the popular districts.

VIP Properties Limited but varied stock, both for neighborhoods and budgets.

Walter Real Estate French specialist of rentals and management.

Specialized letting agencies

If you'd like some convenience with filtering and don't mind loosing out on some of the total available stock coverage. Then it is a good idea to contact one of these agents.

At-Home Strong agency with solid team for years.

CentralIng An Eurocenter spin-off.

Eurocenter One of the two companies that have started to specialize on expats.

Flott Invest The other company that was the pioneer in the expat rentals market. Yet, a lot less prominent these days.

Prime Estate One of the last Eurocenter spin-offs.

Real Home The other strong agency as far as speed and capabilities concerned.

Start Ingatlan Also, a time-tested agent team with strong offerings on the Buda side.

Real estate portals

Look at these portals for broad coverage or to double-check offerings from other sources. Sometimes there are price issues - i.e. advertising net without taxes is a common issue with average. User-friendly. Student focus as well. The biggest name and easiest to recall. At least with a basic Hungarian as 'ingatlan' stands for real estate. Many multiple listings, sometimes obfuscated by the listing agents on purpose. N.B. While you can search in English it is only for the data set. So, you will still make a good use of GoogleTranslate, with its quirks. The real estate portal specialized on apartment sharing. Popular with students with many neat functions.

Franchise networks

Although more geared towards sales, they have the volume to please most tenants. At least if volume if you are after. As far as service and choice in larger properties in Buda. The picture is not as bright.

CDCI Budapest focused. Stronger in Pest than Buda.

Dunahouse Quite strong in Budapest. Especially on the Pest side.

OtthonCentrum The largest countrywide, yet second in the capital for rentals.


Not specialized on rental properties yet, still sources for inspiration, price checking and yes. Sometimes finding a rental deal. The Budapest housing is representing the average expat focused offering of the downtown Pest side. Agents offers abound. Some agents and some direct landlords mixed up with sales.

Expat forums

Trying to find a new home via a forum is a bit of a shot in the dark sometimes. Yet, you might find gems in the rough. Also, you can post your open questions. That is truly refreshing since people tend to communicate less fluffy when speaking in public. Or at least there is a chance somebody shows up and gives another angle to the story. Also you can use forums to double-check on any of the sources listed above.

Angloinfo It's not the most active discussions and not always about the practical side of life. Quite active forum for Hungary. Also active. Not so vivid.

Hungary Expats on Facebook Quite active yet, unfiltered as far as noise concerned. Select Budapest, Hungary and then select Housing forum to seek the occasional landlords posting about their properties.

Remember, the more organized or methodical you are the better your chances to victory. Asking a few colleagues on how they would do it or have had searched when renting a long-term property won't make it.

While you might not want to check all the resources listed above. It may serve as a reference. If you need to walk that extra mile for your boss. Or when your want to show your partner, that yes, you can find that new dream home. Or if your friend is calling on you asking about where to look for rentals.

What's next? Go browse our properties to make sure you are not skipping over an authentic deal when looking for your dream rental home.

Happy hunting,

Dezso Papp

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