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Which Is The Best Neighborhood To Live In Budapest?

By Dezso Papp on December 6, 2013.
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Location, location, location. Some like to quote this extensively, and if we take the concentric circles approach and assign each location to a deeper level then it translates to: Budapest, neighborhood, street.

That is probably why one of the first questions people mired in the pre-relocation mud of self-destructive second thoughts ask on any given expat forum.

location, location, location in terms of neighborhoods in Budapest, Hungary

It was only natural to draw on the same source and ask expatriates in Budapest...

... and that is exactly what we did.

Here's a quick in on the least complicated method:

  • Forums posted:; Facebook Hungary-Expats; and
  • Questions asked: Please select a district (or even a neighborhood); Select the side (Buda or Pest); Why you like to live there?
  • Total number of responses to qualify as successful, yet non-representative: 250

quoteQuest for the best expat friendly neighborhood in Budapest

The initial results

It's not voting season yet, still I wanted to reveal what the first 10% brought us:

  • Pest is more popular beating Buda by a whopping 3/4 to 1/4,
  • The most popular district is District 5 came on top over District 2 and 6 tiered.
  • measurable results - are there enough to choose from?
  • ease of making the next step - how easy it is to contact an agent/advertiser?

Follow up updates

I will publish half way and final results.

Curious which neighborhood comes out on top as being the privately voted as the best by Budapest's expat community? Then it's your turn to help the project and share the love below!

Thanks for participating,

Dezso Papp

P.S. Feel free to comment...

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Image credit: Bruce Guenter

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