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The logo Smart tenants. Great deals.

Your Guide to Noteworthy Budapest Neighborhoods

How we define notetworthy neighborhoods

You can find many type of neighborhood listings for Budapest. Yet, none has tried to capture all neighborhoods that are expat friendly.

We believe, for expatriates, only the neighborhoods with European standard housing and foreign language speaker ready shopping facilities are interesting.

Also, high availability of quality long-term property rental stock is a key for neighborhoods of interest for expatriates.

If you're looking to call Budapest your home, or just looking for a new area to live, we have got you covered. From historic landmarks to spotlights and some of the most pleasing long term rental properties in town.

All neighborhoods of Budapest offer something unique that some likes, some love!

Browse the broad categories below classifying the neighborhoods in a simple way.

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Photo credits

Aimee Rivers - Fisherman's Bastion / Daniel Stockman - Budapest 2010 48 / vxla - Budapest 2010 48 / Tamas Ring - Pesthidegkut with the airfield in forefront

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