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Check-in Handover Management

What are the key issues with taking possession of a rental property?

Imagine, you have found your dream property and signed the initial paperwork. Now you go to your online banking solution or walk up to an ATM to pay the first month upfront and the security deposit. Soon worrisome thoughts - even with the best landlords and best set deals, like 'Will I get back my security deposit?' or 'What if there will be a small damage while I live there?' will sneak in to the back of your mind.

How we will help keep the problem in check?

  • Once you have the handover date and time fixed, you'll let us know,
  • One of our professional damage reporters will be present and
  • Make a damage report including the utilities meter readings.

Why it is going to work fine for you?

  • Our professional damage reporters (specialized on housing) are working for the major insurance companies and they are the ones judges turn to when deciding in housing related cases.
  • These translate to enough power to shy away most landlords from playing with your security deposit when you'll leave.
  • Also, we will keep a copy of the handover protocol. This works way better than the average real estate agents' records management solutions.

What does it cost?

The following costs are per property surveyed.
  • HUF 60 thousand + VAT (27%). Roughly equivalent to €270, or free if you rent an apartment for €540 per month with us.

As a launch offering all long let properties for rent will qualify for a free Check-in Handover Management:
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How to get a survey?

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